Friday 25 March 2022 10:03

Your Aussie Autumn Mulching Guide

Autumn is an excellent time of year to head out into your garden and spread the love with some good quality mulch!

While helpful for your garden 365 days, mulching in Autumn provides extra benefits that you may not get at other times.

With the ground still warm after summer, a decent mulch layer will help you trap in both the remaining heat and the available moisture in your soil – supercharging growth.

Mulching also helps keep winter weeds down before they shoot while protecting roots from frost and preventing your soil from washing away in storms and high winds.

Biodegradable mulches, like those produced by TruYard’s all-in-one Mulcher/Chipper Range, are not only a great use of your unwanted garden waste but also feed the soil with nutrients while helping you to be Waterwise.

Practical mulching tips

Only apply mulch between plants and around the base of your shrubs and trees, leaving a slight gap before the stems, as wet mulch can cause rot to set in and attract diseases.

An even 1cm layer of mulch will improve soil structure, while 8-10cm can suppress weeds.

But it really depends on how much you have on hand as to your mulch thickness.

When using biodegradable mulch, between 2cm and 5cm in depth is a good rule of thumb.

Remove all weeds prior, and give your garden bed a thorough watering before applying mulch, especially if the rain’s been holding off in your part of Australia.

If you're going to lay down landscape fabric or sheeting, there's no need to weed first, but water well and cut crosses in the material to pop your plants through.

*A quick reminder that mulching on dry soil can be a problem because it acts as a barrier to rain. So make sure to hydrate your soil before laying down a top layer.

What plants are suitable to mulch around?

When it comes to your garden, mulching can offer benefits to all shrubs, perennial plants and herbs, alongside trees and their fruiting varietals.

You’ll notice your veggie and salad plants will begin to thrive when they’re not competing with weeds for water and nutrients. To stay on top of them, you can also add a layer of landscape fabric.

The many benefits of bark and wood chips.

Good old bark chips are another form of biodegradable mulch that’s super easy to create and even easier to apply.

The best part? Using a Truyard Domestic Chipper, you can quickly and easily turn your garden waste into mulch chips for your yard.

Perfect for around the home, check out the C70 and C100 Chipper range on our website today!

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