Truyard RM45177 Reel Mower

The Truyard RM 45177 Reel Mowers are fantastic for all types of lawn. For a healthy beautiful looking lawn the precision cut of the Reel Mower is the only solution. 

With an automatic centrifugal drive clutch, the RM45 will glide around your lawn at your own speed. 

Powered by a Kohler 5.5hp. 

The Truyard RM 45177 Reel Mower is the standard 450mm (18") cutting width. 

The Truyard RM 45177 Reel Mower has an all steel powder coated construction for long life and durability. 

The self drive system is chain driven with high quality chain sprockets for years of trouble free mowing. 

The 45 Reel Mowers have large steel catchers with large grass holding capacity. 

The cutting cylinder is made out of high grade steel which maintains its cutting sharpness for longer periods.


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  • 450mm (approximately 18 inches) cutting width.
  • Large grass catcher.
  • Heavy duty cutting cylinder steel for long life and the perfect cut.
  • High quality centrifugal clutch.
  • All steel powder coated construction.
  • Easy to adjust cutting height control.

Cutting Cylinder Width   

18" (450mm)


Kohler 5.5hp

Drive Method

Self propelled with automated clutch.

Cutting Cylinder

Six blade high carbon steel hardened.

Cutting Height

¼" – 1¼" (6mm-32mm)

Height Adjustment

Fully adjustable with single height control.


Foldable for easy transportation.

Grass Catcher

60 L

Rear Roller

Single section 4.8mm Steel

Front Roller


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